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How do students travel to the destination country?

We do our best to accommodate their needs and we are flexible about how students arrive their destinations. Our clients are welcome to purchase any flight. You must arrive on the actual arrival date, we will pick you up at the airport. You will receive flight and airport information including arrival times. We also offer a suggested group flight for those who wish to fly with a group instead. It contains group flight itinerary. This is great for groups coming from the US. This flight departs out of a US gateway city. Each person must arrive at the airport independently from others, find the group and fly together.

Will students need visas?

Whether or not a student needs a visa depends on his/her country of citizenship. For more specific information, please consult:  All Giovana Travel students need passports valid for at least six months beyond the last day of the program and with at least one full empty page (to allow for an immigration stamp upon entry at the designated destination airport). US students can find information about renewing their passports at:

What must I pack?

Essential items include clothing and personal items (such as toothbrush, soap shampoo, deodorant, insect repellent etc.).
For clothing, we suggest you first visit: to see what average temperatures and weather conditions are like for your particular Giovana Travel destination. All students should bring shoes that allow them to comfortably do hikes and participate in active sports, such as soccer.
Once you are accepted into a Giovana Travel program, you will receive a destination-specific packing list of recommended items to bring.

How much spending money will a student need and have permission to bring?

Except for airfare, Giovana Travel programs are all-inclusive. We provide students housing, transportation, three full meals a day,  purified water; health insurance and entrance fees to all scheduled events. Therefore, additional expenses are minimal. However, we understand that some students may wish to purchase additional snacks or souvenirs. We recommend students bring approximately $300. Students are strongly encouraged to bring an ATM card and credit card to access additional funds if necessary.

Can students bring laptops or mobile phones?

Yes, mobile phones. No, laptops (except where explicitly permitted, ask a Program Advisor). Giovana Travel programs are designed for students to fully engage in their three week experience and spend their free time building relationships with members of the Giovana Travel family. Students will have access to internet on almost a daily basis.

Because we understand the need to communicate while traveling to and from Giovana Travel destinations, students may bring mobile phones. We ask that students use mobile phones appropriately and only in situations when it is necessary.

How will students be transported while on the program?

We contract an experienced local company to transport staff and students together for all official off-campus activities.

How will the students get to the Giovana Travel location? Will a chaperone fly with them?

Giovana Travel has "Suggested Flight Itineraries" departing from major gateway cities that parents can choose to send their children on. Many students select this option and fly together in a group. Although there is not a Giovana Travel chaperone, upon request of the parents, the airlines can provide an escort for an "unaccompanied minor" to make sure he or she safely boards the plane. At the departure gate, Giovana Travel students can easily identify each other. A Giovana Travel staff member will be there waiting for the students as they arrive to the country. Once the staff member has all students ready to depart, they will head to their program home base.

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