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At Giovana Travel we’re with you every step of the way. We understand it can be challenging to leave your teen to the care of others, so we take equal care in providing superior support for every parent, before, during, and post-program.


Full Pre-Departure Support

Once you’ve registered for one of our programs, the Giovana Travel Team is at your disposal to provide full support for all your preparations:

  • Where and how to book a flight

  • Flight recommendations and suggested group itineraries so that students can travel with other students

  • Understanding the passport and visa application process, step-by-step


In-Country Support and Updates

During the program, we are your direct link, 24 hours a day:

  • Offering a 24-hour Emergency Hotline

  • Requiring all students to call home upon arrival in the country

  • Making you aware of any emergencies, changes, or updates

  • Relaying urgent parental messages to students and student messages to parents, via in-country staff

  • Providing evacuation and secondary medical insurance for all students


Post-Program Follow-Up

After the program, our staff follows up with every parent to:

  • Get your feedback on the program

  • Get your feedback on the level of parent support

  • Ensure we’ve provided the best possible service to you and your family

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