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Where will students live and learn?

Home Base structures vary by destination. Giovana Travel aims to provide a great home base environment with comfortable housing, discussion rooms, eating and recreational facilities in a self-contained area. 

Will male and female students sleep in the same facilities?

No. We always have gender segregated rooms. 

Can students room with friends from home?

We encourage students to interact and meet new people from diverse backgrounds, similar to what they will experience when they go to college. We certainly encourage students to invite friends in joining them on The Giovana Travel Experience, but we expect them to be open to meeting and rooming with new people. Therefore, we make roommate assignments with this philosophy in mind.

Are there laundry facilities on site?

Laundry is not available on 10 day programs so students are asked to pack accordingly. Each city has slightly different laundry facilities, but in general, students’ laundry will be done once a week on longer programs.

What is the policy for electronics and internet? (Phones, cameras, Wi-Fi, etc.)

Giovana Travel strives to create an environment that encourages students to unplug and forge connections between fellow students and the local community. Cell phones, electronics, and Wi-Fi access create distractions that affect students' ability to be present and fully process their experience abroad. With that in mind, Giovana Travel has the following electronics and internet policies in place.

Cell Phones:
Students are welcome to bring cell phones to use during their travels to and from their program, and during designated free times (typically early mornings and before bed) or upon special request with Giovana Travel Staff permission.

Use of phones and devices will not be allowed during service, excursions or workshops, with the exception of designated time for photography.

Internet / WiFi:
Internet / Wi-Fi will not be available at the Home Base for student use. It is reserved for staff use when planning program activities and for emergencies only.
Students are provided internet access once per week, typically at a local internet café

Laptops, iPads, and expensive electronics are not conducive to travel and are not permitted on a Giovana Travel program.

Giovana Travel recommends that students bring a point-and-shoot camera separate from their cell phones. Cell phones may be used as cameras during designated times. Expensive photography equipment are allowed, however students will be responsible for the security of their equipment.

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