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About us
Giovana Travel LLC started in 2014 and has been legally registered in the city of Indianapolis IN USA since then. Giovana Herrera is Giovana Travel LLC owner and founder. Our goal is to offer a new and novel approach to learning and volunteering in Peru for intellectually curious and socially oriented families, companies, churches, schools and universities.

Giovana Travel LLC gives you the opportunity to:

  • Explore historical and natural sites in different cities of Peru.

  • Learn the local culture, language and history.

  • Serve the community through meaningful volunteer efforts.

  • Participate in conservation programs for the environment and protection programs of wildlife in danger of extinction.

Our mission
The goal of Giovana Travel LLC is to provide life-changing experiences that cultivate a global perspective and an open mindset in students and individuals that will ultimately inspire them to become great global leaders and thinkers and seek positive change in their own communities.
We work together with different local projects (schools, foundations, orphanages). We have zero tolerance policy regarding drugs, alcohol, tobacco and harmful behavior. Those who violate or are suspected of violating this policy will be immediately dismissed from the program at the sole discretion of the staff of Giovana Travel.

Our vision
To be able to raise the awareness of the greatest number of people about the reality that exists in Peru, and to contribute to the sustainability of the different local projects. 
Program participants will have to go through many challenges, as they are expected to work hard and be physically and mentally present for all activities. They will be under the sun, they will get dirty, and they will be bitten by the insects on the road, but their contribution will transform the community. The goal for each student and individual, is to return home with a life-changing experience.

Ours contributors
There are several people who collaborate directly with Giovana Travel local families (offering their accommodation) coordinators, directors / project managers, high school alumni (offering interpretation assistance) university students and members of foreign and national churches. Without the help of the whole team, it would be really difficult to develop this incredible project. Thanks to the involvement and effort of all we can achieve advances in education and help the progress of certain communities living in situations of poverty and the conservation of the environment.

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