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Children & education

Empower the Next Generation

Are you passionate about improving the lives of children?

  • Tutor abroad and provide education to children at school and outside the classroom

  • Be a friend and role model to the youngest generation

  • Inspire local children to dream big and achieve their ambitions

  • Leave a lasting impact on the community through infrastructure improvements at local schools

Amazonas: Learning Forever 

Are you ready to spend part of your day, every day surrounded by kids who are excited to see you? On this program, you'll make a difference in their lives by teaching in local schools and building bricks that will be used to expand school facilities. You'll also be immersed in a colorful and vibrant community that will welcome you with open arms.


  • Tutor children at a village school

  • Help build and refurbish school facilities

  • Discuss current social issues facing women and children

  • trekking to a beautiful waterfall

  • Explore outdoor markets and visit historic sites

  • get up a cable car to visit Kuelap Archaeological Center - called La Fortaleza is in the most important archaeological center of the northern jungle of Peru.

  • Expedition to The Karajia Sarcophagi and Caverna de Quiocta.


Start Dates: Jun 13; Jun 20, 2020; Jun 27, 2020; Jul 11, 2020; Jul 18, 2020; Jul 25, 2020; Aug 1, 2020

Cusco: Children of the Andes Spanish-English Service Adventure


Learn firsthand about the challenges children face attending school in the city of Cuzco. Most families residing here are subsistence farmers who survive on their agricultural production, and there are heavy financial constraints to affording early childhood education. Understand the web of social issues associated with access to education for youth around the world, and consider ways you can help make a difference. As you explore Cuzco, learn about Peruvian ways of life, past and present, through cultural immersion and interaction with locals.


  • Gain hands-on experience teaching children in a rural classroom

  • Help with construction projects for a new school or house

  • Visit initiatives and meet grassroots leaders for children’s issues

  • Go on a rafting adventure and admire the Sacred Valley’s famous ruins

  • Trekking to Machu Picchu

  • Experience the colorful landscape of Rainbow Mountain


Start Dates: Jun 13; Jun 20, 2020; Jun 27, 2020; Jul 11, 2020; Jul 18, 2020; Jul 25, 2020; Aug 1, 2020

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