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Animal lovers looking to make a difference are needed around the world to care for creatures in wildlife sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers, promote animal rights and help educate communities. In this program, you will gain pre-veterinary experience working alongside certified veterinarians and animal rescue experts. Not only will you do compassionate, hands-on work with lovable, furry friends at a dog rescue center, you’ll also get to study exotic wildlife species in a country known for its wildlife preservation. In your time off service, experience all the outdoor adventure and natural beauty Peru has to offer.


Cajamarca: Wildlife Adventure

The main objective is to protect their habitats and landscapes thriving with exotic wildlife. This is also a priority for this organization that also seeks to minimize each and every conflict that arises between human beings and the wildlife. This organization allows you to contribute to the conservation and protection of these animals in prioritized ecosystems and other conservation spaces.


  • Perform expeditions in bicycle, horse, or ATVs

  • Experience a new sensation by creating different vessels and accessories in an art session with clay and fabrics.

  • Experience the breeding and cultivation of animals and products from the area.

  • Volunteer on community development projects in rural areas

  • Help protect endangered species such as the spectacles bear, and the Tapir.


Start Dates: Jun 13; Jun 20, 2020; Jun 27, 2020; Jul 11, 2020; Jul 18, 2020; Jul 25, 2020; Aug 1, 2020


Lima: Animal Rescue Project,

This program helps you work with abused and abandoned animals in need of new homes. You can help taking care of these creatures until they get adopted. This work is one of many among others such as helping promoting animal health care and animal birth control in low income communities where there is a great need of assistance.


  • Do hands-on volunteer work alongside veterinarians and animal experts

  • Help care for dogs at a family-run rescue center

  • Experience home visits and rural pop-up clinics

  • Learn about Lima’s animal rescue and wildlife conservation efforts

  • Lima city tours

  • Zipline and horseback ride through lush valleys (Cañete-Lunahuana)

  • Go on a rafting adventure (level I -II)

Start Dates: Jun 13; Jun 20, 2020; Jun 27, 2020; Jul 11, 2020; Jul 18, 2020; Jul 25, 2020; Aug 1, 2020


Madre de Dios: Amazon expedition,

The Amazon is undoubtedly a place of mythical status. What traveler has not imagined a trip to admire this incredible tropical jungle, full of wildlife? Surprisingly, they are actually the little things that become special: being surrounded by the foliage of the rainforest, cooking food in a bonfire, waking up with the sounds of howler monkeys. Madre de Dios is the center of adventure sports; Where you go hand in hand with nature and penetrate within the communities while we observe the fauna and flora of the place.


  • endangered animals’ conservation project

  • Live in a jungle eco-lodge overlooking the rainforest

  • Spend a night in the rainforest, sleeping in a hammock

  • Swim in a waterfall and climb Amazon trees

  • Explore Manu Biosphere Reserve

  • Work on urban community development projects with youth


Start Dates: Jun 13; Jun 20, 2020; Jun 27, 2020; Jul 11, 2020; Jul 18, 2020; Jul 25, 2020; Aug 1, 2020

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